Rear or Side Return Kitchen Extensions in just 1 week !


Create open, bright and contemporary kitchen living spaces that combine cooking, dining and living within one social and inviting area.

The key to creating the perfect open-plan kitchen is getting the space right first and leaving the choice of kitchen units and the design detail until later.


Our steel base modular system removes the need for foundations (only pads needed), bricklayers, diggers, skips, and pre-mix concrete wagons.

The state-of-the-art modular extension system has been designed for fast installation to the highest standards.


Dont Move Extend.


Maximise the potential of a home for less than the cost of moving. It removes the upheaval, you can stay close to friends, family and it will add value to your home.


You may wonder whether it’s worth losing some garden to create a bigger kitchen. The answer is almost certainly yes. “As long as the kitchen extension doesn’t put you out of kilter proportionally, inside space holds more value. If the garden is on the small side, big glass bi-fold doors and matching floors to patios creates the inside/outside living space that works,”


We can provide the full range of skills that are required for the management and completion of all your building works. From initial Design through to Planning, complying with Building Regulations, to building your dream kitchen extension. 


  • Fast Installation In 3-5 Days
  • Unrivaled Insulation Values
  • 25 Year Guarantee
  • Choice of Brick Option
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Leading The Way In Modular Build Systems



  Top tips for the must-have kitchen extension.


1. Extend where possible: it’s the best use of a side return and, even if it eats up a chunk of an already compact garden, it’ll be worth it.

2. Don’t cut corners on the design. If your budget is running out, spend it on the build, not the kitchen.

3. If you have space, (almost) everyone loves an island.

4. Everyone loves a boiling water tap too. And you don’t need space for that.

5. Remember it’s all about the flow – the ease with which you can move from hob/oven to fridge to sink.
Make sure that works for you (not for your imaginary next buyer).

6. You can’t have too much storage – huge drawers for pans, walk-in larders, tall cupboards for ironing boards…

7. Go with what works for you. If that means two ovens and two dishwashers, great. You won’t be the only one.

8. Go for good quality brand names for your appliances. You get what you pay for.

9. If you want to save a bit, economise on the cupboards. No one will know once they have pretty doors on the front.

10. If you’re staying in the house for less than five years, look at the lifestyle of the demographic who might be your buyer.  They’ll probably want all of the above.